Mobile Providers

You may sometimes wonder:

With all these mobile casino games offered online, how do I get to choose the best game to play?

The truth of the matter is, there’s a huge demand for online casino games. And more players are gravitating towards those that have been optimised for play on the go. Therefore, this does not surprise us that there are a handful of software developers tasked with the responsibility of designing these games.

Coming up with a well-designed game that will be a hit in the industry is no easy task, and most of the mobile casino providers will usually race to tap into some of the upcoming trends. This includes 3D technology, VR and AG technology, not forgetting to mention the spectacular audiovisual trends. Software developers that manage to dive into these trends usually end up being some of the best in the industry.

And today, in this brief page, we are going to look at some of these companies that have managed to tap into the trends.

Top Mobile Casino Softwares Developers

  • Microgaming: Since Microgaming was one of the founding fathers of the online casino industry, the company has so much to offer in terms of casino games and services. At the official website, you’ll see that the company has more than 1,300 games, out of which 800+ have been optimised for play on the mobile platform.
  • Red Tiger Gaming: When compared to Microgaming, this is a new software developing company, which specialises in four main areas. These include developing High-End 2D and 3D Graphics, Cross-Platform Compatibility (compatible with Android and iOS devices), Top Performing Math Models, and High-End 2D and 3D Graphics which offer an impressive visual experience.
  • NetEnt: This is a name very common in the industry, and 8/10 online casinos will have more than 200 NetEnt mobile slots in their portfolio. The company recently ventured into the live dealer games, and so far they are performing equally as well. They also offer some of the top mobile casino software bonuses, with all their games coming with the free spins mobile softwares bonus.
  • Evolution Gaming: This list wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning a live casino software developer. And in the industry, there’s no other company that does live dealer gaming better than Evolution Gaming.

What makes These Software Companies Outshine the Rest?

We’ve only managed to highlight some of the specific points that make the software of mobile casino providers above stand out. But what more general features do they share?

Here’s a quick rundown of the top features.

  1. Their games come with latest mobile bonuses. For instance, NetEnt has free bonuses in the form of non-pay spins for most of their slots; Red Tiger Gaming has the daily jackpots that have to pay out, etc.
  2. As the top software developers, they have to ensure that their products are accessible through some of the most popular casino devices. This is why you see them optimise their offering to match the demand. For instance, Red Tiger has cross-platform compatibility, Microgaming has their famous Quickfire software, etc.
  3. Payment for the services can also be made through pay by mobile phone method. They’ve even made it possible for players to now claim the first deposit bonuses every time they make deposits using this method.

Conclusion – You can Play all the Games Offered by These Providers through Your Internet-enabled Phone

As we stated earlier on, the growth of the online casino industry and more specifically the on-go games have made software providers diversify their offerings. This includes making it possible for players to enjoy all their services listed above no download required.

So, as you have a device that supports internet connectivity, you can easily use your browser to sign up at the casinos, make deposits using the pay by mobile payment option and start playing the games on the go for real money. Just make sure you only get to choose a site that’s licensed and has proven itself to be trustworthy!